Trelleborg Tires and with ABP Food Group drive agriculture fuel efficiency

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Trelleborg Tires, in collaboration with ABP Food Group, one of Europe’s leading food processors who provides quality beef to thousands of customers across the world and has a network of over 45.000 farmers, is proud to announce its latest initiative aimed at boosting fuel efficiency in agriculture by focusing on the critical role of tires.

This initiative is part of a broader commitment to sustainability, aligning with ABP’s PRISM 2030 (Programme for the Improvement in Sustainability of (red) Meat) programme, which aims to improve the sustainability of meat production helping farmers to reduce their farm carbon emissions, whilst improving production efficiency, biodiversity, soil, water and animal health and welfare.

Bruce Lauder, Agriculture Sales Director, has been working closely with PRISM farmers, providing education on the significant impact that tire selection and maintenance have on fuel efficiency. At a recent webinar, Lauder shared valuable insights into how the right tires can transform agricultural machinery’s performance, leading to increased efficiency and significant savings for farmers.

Agri tires are not just an accessory; they are a crucial component in farming operations. The selection of the right tire is as important as the machinery itself, making a substantial difference in overall performance and efficiency. Trelleborg Tires’ ProgressiveTraction® technology is a testament to this, offering enhanced traction and flotation, reducing slippage, and thus fuel consumption.”. Lauder explained that choosing the right agricultural tire involves more than enabling machinery to move across fields; it’s about maximizing efficiency and fuel savings. The correct tire pressure and tread design can optimize traction, minimize soil compaction, and ensure smooth farming operations.

Trelleborg Tires is dedicated to driving sustainability in agriculture,” stated Lauder. “Our partnership with ABP Food Group is a step forward in empowering farmers with the right choices for their tire needs, leading to a greener future in agriculture, where sustainability and performance lead to greater efficiency and savings for farmers.”

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