Trelleborg's HF1000 and MPT100 tires win "Agricultural Tire of the Year 2024" Award in Spain

Trelleborg tires_Neumtico del Ao Agrcola 2024 Awards
Trelleborg tires proudly announces its latest triumph at the prestigious “Neumático del Año Agrícola 2024” Awards in Spain
  • Trelleborg tires’ innovation and its long-established contribution to agricultural industry recognized at the “Neumático del Año Agrícola 2024” Awards in Spain
  • Trelleborg HF1000, the next generation implement tire. Specially designed for increasing load capacity on large forage wagons and slurry tankers, the new HF1000 is the perfect tire with unrivaled efficiency for demanding applications.
  • Trelleborg MPT100 specialty steel-belted tire brings better performance to ground spreading operations. Conceived for municipality and transport applications, this radial tire is specifically for use on multi-purpose vehicles and fertilizer trucks.


Trelleborg tires proudly announces its latest triumph at the prestigious “Neumático del Año Agrícola 2024” Awards in Spain. Acclaimed for their innovation and performance, the Trelleborg HF1000 and MPT100 tires have secured the esteemed title, achieving another milestone in their legacy of excellence. The award is organized by the specialist magazine Neumáticos y Mecánica Rápida (NMR), which recognizes outstanding contributions to the agricultural industry in terms of innovation, performance and respect for the environment.

The HF1000, Trelleborg’s cutting-edge implement tire, stands as a testament to advanced engineering tailored for handling substantial load capacities on large forage wagons and slurry tankers. Featuring an innovative tread pattern ensuring a broader footprint and self-cleaning capability, the HF1000 minimizes soil compaction while maximizing efficiency even under the most rigorous conditions. Its VF casing and steel belted structure guarantee durability and superior performance both in the field and on the road.

Meanwhile, designed for municipality and transport applications, the MPT100 emerges as a highly versatile, high-performance tire for multi-purpose off-road trucks. Renowned for its exceptional stability and wear resistance, the MPT100 tire boasts a flat tread crown that reduces soil compaction. Additionally, its meticulously crafted inter-lug terraces facilitate optimal self-cleaning, preventing tread clogging even in the most challenging muddy environments, ensuring peak efficiency for farmers.

Commenting on the success, Ramón Martinez, Country Manager Spain and Portugal at Yokohama TWS, expressed pride in the recognition, stating, "We maintain a longstanding commitment to supporting farming professionals in achieving higher efficiency and productivity with minimal environmental impact. Winning in this category underscores the HF1000 and MPT100's ability to deliver on these promises, further empowering farmers to do more with less."

Trelleborg tires’ success with the HF1000 and MPT100 builds upon previous awards, including the TM1060 in 2016 and the TM1000 Progressive Traction in 2021. These wins underscore the unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence with new high-performing tires in meeting the evolving needs of agricultural professionals worldwide.


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